My Meade Telescope Power Supply

I saw from my web logs that a few people have been finding my site whilst looking for a power supply for their telescope, and I have no main information on that, so I am adding some.

When I purchased my LX200 I did not purchase the official Meade power supply, but instead used a power supply which I already had.

For anybody that is looking for a general purpose (PSU) Power Supply Unit for their telescope then I can recommend this PSU currently being sold at Maplin, by the way mine is very similar to this one below which also came from Maplin and works really well.

Worldwide AC/DC Mains Adaptor ( Worldwide AC/DC PSU )

Maplin Telescope Power SupplyThis PSU comes with 8 popular power supply tips and the benefits of this is that it also has attachments making it usable abroad, in case you take your telescope on holiday!

“The lead connecting the power supply to your appliance is 1.6 metres in length and mains cable from the power supply 1.7m. The mains cable is terminated in a moulded-on 2-pin European mains plug which can be fitted with any of the UK, USA and Australasian supplied mains plugs.

Dimensions: 133mm (L) x 68mm (W) x 37mm (H)

PSU Power TipsThe high output current together with the range of popular power tips supplied means this power supply is suited to a multitude of uses. The power tips can be inserted either way around to provide a centre-positive or centre-negative polarity. Specifications:Input voltage:100-240Va”

Buy the Power Supply from Maplin here.

It’s always worth checking the Maplin website from time to time as they occasionally run special offers on this or similar power supply units.

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