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Imaging and Image Processing with a High Frame Rate Camera

Imaging and Image Processing with a High Frame Rate CameraMick and I talked at the Cambridge Astronomical Association about Webcam Imaging or really nowadays High Frame Rate Camera Imaging on Wednesday 21st June 2017.

The talk covers a brief history of webcams and high frame rate cameras, it then covers setting up your camera and using camera filters as well as looking at Field of View (FOV).

We look at using camera software for capturing the images, including  Sharpcap and Fire Capture. We also looked at Registax 6 and Autostakkert for processing and the usual Photoshop and Microsoft Image Composite Editor (ICE) for making lunar mosaics.

Included in the PDF are some of Mick’s best solar, lunar and planetary images.

Dowlonad the PDF version of the talk here – Imaging and Image Processing with a High Frame Rate Camera

Lunar Imaging and Widefield Imaging Talks

Last night I did a quick couple of talks at the Cambridge Astronomy Association on lunar imaging and widefield imaging using a Geoptik CCD to lens adaptor.

The lunar imaging talk covered the top 10 tips when lunar imaging, a demo of stacking a lunar video using Autostakkert and Registax. I then also talked about how to complete a lunar mosaic by using Photomerge in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements or in the free Microsoft Image Composite Editor (ICE).

The widefield imaging talk concentrated on my use of the Geoptik adaptor, but I also introduced the other Canon and Nikon lens adaptors that are on the market. I then mentioned filters, backfocus and focusing. I finished up showing some Ha example images that I have taken.

If you would like to see the talks, PDF versions of the talks can be found below:

Lunar Imaging 2016 – 2MB
Widefield Imaging 2016 – 190k

SPA Convention 2013

Don’t forget to book your tickets for the Sir Patrick Moore lecture at the Free SPA Convention at the Cambridge Astronomy Association on 12th October 2013. Visit the SPA website for more details.

Solar Imaging Talk at CAA June 2013

Below is the PDF version of the solar imaging with webcams talk I did at the Cambridge Astronomy Association on 19th June 2013.

Solar Imaging Talk (1.3mb)

Deep Sky Imaging Talk at CAA

Last night I did my first talk at the CAA on Deep Sky Imaging with a live demo in Maxim and Photoshop with M42. Amazingly I managed to fit my talk into 30 minutes, although I did feel like a horse galloping at the Grand National. I think I must have spoken quite quickly.

For anybody that wants a copy of the slides, here they are in PDF format.

Deep Sky Imaging Talk (4 MB)