Want to Buy an SPC900 Webcam. But Where?

Exactly. It seems to me that Philips have stopped producing our beloved SPC900 Webcams. Amazon, Play and Pixmania used to stock them online, but no longer do. So what now? I suppose you could always look on eBay.

Does this mean that the price of second hand SPC900 Webcams will increase as they become harder to get hold of.

I did discover the new range of Philips SPC webcams and wrote a blog post about them. But is the SPC1300 or SPC1330 the new astronomy webcam? Do the old 1.25″ adaptors fit these webcams? Or do we need to get the glue out and try to fit the old adaptors to the new webcams?

The SPC1300 is a 2 Megapixel CMOS camera, the SPC900 was a 1.3 Megapixel camera.

If anybody wants to try the SPC1330 they are stocked at Amazon or Play.com – both offer Free Delivery.

Or will this see the end of us using Philips Webcams for Planetary Imaging, do we now need to go back to Logitech webcams?