Philips SPC900 Webcam Arrived

Just a quick post to tell you all my Philips Webcam SPC900NC arrived today. It appears that all Pixmania products are shipped from France. Anyway I have managed to take the webccam apart and screw in the webcam adaptor, now I just need a cloud free night to give it a go and compare it against the Logitech Quickcam Pro 4000.

I shall also add a post on how I took apart the SPC900NC/00 and screwed in the adaptor, also about how the installation went on my laptop and where to get the latest drivers etc


  • David Jones

    Nice site. I am using a SPC900 in fluorescence microscopy. Very good sensitivity! good pictures but the sensor is too small so I only see a small part of the area of view (1 inch diam) Your eyepiece adapter. Where do you source it?


  • Daniel

    Hi, The SPC900 adaptor was from ScopesNSkies in the UK, they are also known as Pulsar Optical.

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