Cygnus and Lyra Asterisms

For the first night out in a long time, it must be about three weeks since the perseid meteor shower I managed to have a clear night, and get some photos.

It’s still really good fun to learn the various asterisms, and I try to find and learn new ones every time I go out.

This time I concentrated on Cygnus which is a cross type asterism which lives along the line of the milky way, close by in the photo below is also Lyra which I have visited many times with my telescope to see the Ring Nebula.

Cygnus and Lyra Asterisms

The following photograph has been amended to show clearly the outlines of Cygnus and Lyra, it also points out the stars – Deneb, Sadr, Albireo and Vega.

Cygnus and Lyra Asterism Outline

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