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Observatory Build – Filling The Hole

Today the hole was filled by an AnyMix concrete mixer. I spent a while looking into how to fill the hole, whether to manually mix the concrete myself and hire an electric cement mixer and order in the cement and bags of ballast. But after using some online concrete calculators I discovered I actually needed

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Found a Hedgehog in my Hole!

The observatory pier base hole has been empty for a couple of weeks now, waiting for me to get my concrete order set up. Well today I popped out to Travis Perkins for some wood for my concrete frame, and when I came back I found a hedgehog asleep in the 1 metre deep hole.

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Observatory Build – Digging The Hole

This is day three and day four of the observatory build. My goal this weekend was to dig the cubic metre hole for the mount base. I had a 2 yard skip delivered on Friday which cost £60. I also borrowed my dad’s wheelbarrow to complete the task. I started at about 9am on Saturday morning,

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Observatory Build – Day 1 and 2

This was the first couple of days I actually got started in preparing the observatory base. I have spent a few days browsing websites, talking to astronomy retailers and other observatory owners on the web. I also drew up a loose plan of the observatory and what number of slabs and aggregates I required. I drew

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