Found a Hedgehog in my Hole!

The observatory pier base hole has been empty for a couple of weeks now, waiting for me to get my concrete order set up.

Hedgehog on my spadeWell today I popped out to Travis Perkins for some wood for my concrete frame, and when I came back I found a hedgehog asleep in the 1 metre deep hole. Poor thing must have fell 1 metre, one evening and then settled in, although it does appear that it did try and do some digging whilst occupying the hole. I think it may have been in the hole a maximum of two days.

Anyway, I got it out by using my spade and lifting it out and taking some soil with it, as to not disturb the hedgehog.

Here is an image of the hedgehog still alseep after being set free.

I left him snoozing on the spade, but after returning an hour later he was gone.

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