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Spotting the International Space Station

It has been an evening ritual just lately to find out when the ISS is passing overhead (via the heavens-above website) and then rush out and spot it. It’s amazing actually how bright it is, and how lots of people have not thought it was some sort of UFO. After spotting it a couple of times,

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Second Night with LX200

Well tonight I managed to get a thiry minute gap in the clouds in order to get the scope out into the garden. I am still having problems getting the screw into the scope through the base, but as I had such a small window of time I did not power up the scope but

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First night with the LX200

Well after a rushed assembly tonight in my conservatory at around 8.30pm, I managed to get my LX200 turned on whilst I got familiar with the hand controls. After about 30mins I just had to get outside, as the sky was fairly cloudless, so out I went. The first thing that I had problems with

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