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Make a Focal Reducer Case

I recently purchased a Hursch f6.6 focal reducer which just came in a cardboard case type box with a cleaning cloth. I also have a Meade f3.3 focal reducer but this came in a plastic bolt case. I put a wanted ad for a plastic focal reducer bolt case on astrobuysell and I also called

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How To Connect an LX200 Telescope to a PC

I was quite amazed to find out that Meade still only allow you one way to connect your telescope to your PC, which is via an RS232 cable / 9 pin cable, the other end plugs into the RS232 slot on the LX200 base. I would have thought by now that Meade may have added

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Attaching RA Motor Drive to MON1 Mount

After owning my Bresser Messier 130N for around two months I decided to invest in an RA Motor Drive for it. This particular RA Drive fits just the 130N and R90 telescope models. Other models of telescope in the Messier range can use another drive system which operates both the RA and Dec Axis. I

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Using an SLR Camera for Prime Focus Astronomy

Prime Focus is the name given when you take the lens off of the camera and insert it directly into the telescope. In order to do this you will require a number of extra astronomy adaptors. T-Ring The first one is the T-Ring which screws directly into the neck of the camera. Not an expensive

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Add Astronomy Adaptor to Philips SPC900 Webcam

Adding the Adaptor to the Quickcam Pro 4000 meant you had to unscrew the webcam and take it apart first, but luckily the Philips SPC900 webcam is really easy to take apart and add your eyepiece adaptor to. Remove monitor clip The large plastic clip on the webcam can be removed, there is no screw

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Logitech Quickcam Pro 4000 & Astronomy

If you want to get into using a webcam for astronomy, then most people recommend the Philips SPC9000NC webcam, but luckily I already owned a webcam which I use for Skype, from Logitech called a Quickcam Pro 4000. I knew that webcam adaptors existed so that you can insert the end of the webcam straight

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