Patrick Moore Observers Year Book Review

366 Nights of the Universe Book Patrick Moore’s Observer’s Year: 366 Nights of the Universe

The original text of this book was written by Patrick Moore, and the majority of the text has not been touched but the data has been updated. This version of the book contains data from 2015 to 2020.

There is a page for every day of the year in this book. Each month begins with a look at the sky with the initial pages detailing the constellations in the sky, then there is a list of what to look at throughout that month.

Each day of the month gets its own page. You may just find written text for a particular day or a constellation diagram with a list of objects to view in that constellation. On a particular day you may also get a small box detailing Future Points of Interest – something that will happen on that day in the future, like the ‘Earth at Aphelion’ or the Opposition of Pluto’ in a particular year on that day. The number of pages per day is not massive; you may find that there is just one page or less per day. That means it’s not an arduous read, you could just read a page a day.

There are 3 appendices, a list of the 88 constellations, one with the Greek alphabet and a glossary.

I like the fact that you can pick this book up every day and have a quick read of what you can look at tonight in the night sky, at the same time the book improves your overall astronomical knowledge day by day.

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