Second Night with LX200

Well tonight I managed to get a thiry minute gap in the clouds in order to get the scope out into the garden. I am still having problems getting the screw into the scope through the base, but as I had such a small window of time I did not power up the scope but instead used it to view the moon manually.

The view through the scope with the meade 26mm and my 20mm eyepieces was really good, even though clouds kept coming across my view of the moon.

I just need more time now to read the manual properly.

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  • michael pisto

    just browsing for some lx200 stuff. i too have a 8″ lx200gps, i’ve had it since 2004 and i’ve used it, gotten busy, use it, busy, and now back into a phase of using it. I had an celestron c8 (all manual) so i new the basics of the sky and i read the manual for my lx200 before getting it because i couldn’t wait.

    the lx200 is a great machine, get buck’s gears for increased accuracy. Your’s may have the brass and they have a update for those as well.

    been fun reading your posts. keep looking up!

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