Missed The Cosmos Episode 3 – Repeated?

I had set my Windows Vista Media Center to record the whole series, but somehow I turned the computer off whilst it was recording – I think! Anyway I don’t seem to have the episode.

After looking at the OU website, someone says in the forum that The Cosmos is repeated on the BBC iPlayer for 7 days.

So I have applied for a BBC iPlayer account – but will I get one? So far after 5 hours no email.

The BBC seem to repeat everything else, but not a repeat of this during the week, as far as I can see, but they do repeat The Sky at Night, typical!

BBC iPlayer Update

I have now been sent my new BBC iPlayer account, I had to wait about 6 hours for my email.

I have just logged in and YES! The Cosmos Episode 3 is in BBC iPlayer!!

I am about to sit back and watch.

Second Update

BBC iPlayer does not work on Windows Vista! ahhh, so I will have to use my laptop and watch it on that or I could connect the laptop to my TV via an S Video connection.

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