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Sky-watcher Tube Ring Set For 150mm Newtonian Reflectors by Sky-Watcher

Sky-Watcher Tube Ring Set for 150mm Newtonian ReflectorsSky-watcher Tube Ring Set For 150mm Newtonian Reflectors
These quality cast-aluminium rings are custom made for use with all Sky-Watcher equatorial mounts and the AZ3 mount. The felt-lined hinge opens to allow easy installation of the optical tube and the locks can be loosened during use to allow tube Rotation and balancing. In order for astrophotography lovers to capture the spectacular views of the sky, these tube rings feature a standard tripod adapter (

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Baader Astrosolar Spotter Filter 150mm by Baader

Baader AstroSolar Spotter Filter 150mmBaader Astrosolar Spotter Filter 150mm
Baader Solar Filters provide a professional and secure solution to observe and image the Sun using AstroSolar Safety Film. Many ready-made filters stretch the filter material like a drumhead in order to make it look like a piece of glass ? this absolutely destroys the image quality, rendering the film useless for high magnification work. AstroSolar film must be mounted entirely un-stressed in order to perform like a high precision planeoptical window. It sounds like a contradiction with traditional perception of quality, but AstroSolar must show slight ripples!

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