M45 Pleiades Star Cluster

So my first night out with my new Canon 75-300mm USM lens. The Pleiades seemed to be the best test for this new lens on my tripod. So here are some images:

This first image was 5.6f, ISO800, 300mm focal length and a 2 second exposure.

Pleiades on Canon SLR 300mm lens

The second pleiades star trail image was 5.6f, ISO800, 300mm focal length and a 30 second exposure.

Pleiades Star Trail 300mm - 30 second exposure

The individual members of this cluster range from Alcyone at magnitude 2.9 down to very faint stars, probably 500 or more in all. Much of the cluster is enveloped in a blue reflection nebula, known as the Merope Nebula.

A popular name for the cluster is the Seven Sisters, Nine of the stars have names.

The Pleiades were the seven mythological daughters of Atlas and Pleione, and their parents are represented by the two easternmost bright stars.

Pleiades Star Names

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