Prime Focus Photography on LX200

With a number of clear nights in a row last week I managed to stay out for a number of hours and actually get used to using the LX200. I also managed to let the LX200 take me on some of the tours I uploaded from the Meade website.

Whilst out I managed to get some photographs using prime focus as well as using my camera bracket on top of my LX200 to get some shots with my Canon 75-300mm lens.

Camera Mounted Shots

Orion Nebula – 300mm

Orion Nebula - Canon SLR on top of LX200

M34 – 300mm

M34 - Canon camera on top of LX200

Andromeda Galaxy – 300mm

Andromeda Galaxy - Canon SLR on top of LX200

Prime Focus Photography on LX200

Ring Neblua – 70 sec exp. ISO800

Ring Nebula - Prime Focus - 70 second exposure

This shot of the ring nebula is a bit blurry, as it needed a lot of exposure time as without it I just could not gather enough light.

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