Building a Shed Observatory

In 2009, after getting bored of carrying the weighty 10″ LX200 and tiresome of the time lost setting it all up, I decided to build a shed based observatory.

I chose a shed based observatory, as I could do the build myself at a lower cost, but also because I don’t have enough space in my garden for a dome, another reason why I chose a shed was because if I ever fall out of love with astronomy, I still have a shed which can be used for storing bikes, garden furniture etc.

This page includes all of the posts that relate to the shed observatory build, and also any other comments that I missed out, just in case you plan to build a similar observatory.

Day One and Day Two – Shed Location and Digging Footings

Day Three and Day Four – Digging the Hole

Day Five – Filling the Hole

Observatory Build Continues

Day Six and Day Seven – Laying the Shed Base Slabs

Drilling The Pier Holes

Putting up the Pent Shed

Insulating the Observatory Shed

Panelling the Observatory Shed with Plywood

Painting the Observatory Black

Completing the Observatory Roof

Bolting down the Observatory Pier