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BBC Sky at Night Magazine

BBC Sky at Night Magazine

BBC Sky at Night magazine complements the BBC’s popular and long-running TV series, presented by Sir Patrick Moore.

‘The Sky at Night television series has reflected popular astronomy over the years and we are confident that BBC Sky at Night magazine will continue in the same way. I am honoured to be Editor Emeritus.’ – Sir Patrick Moore, Editor Emeritus, BBC Sky at Night magazine.

A practical guide to astronomy, every issue comes complete with:

  • A fully interactive CD-ROM including an episode of the Sky at Night TV programme, an exclusive commentary of the night sky each month by Sir Patrick Moore, plus software updates, space video footage weblinks and much more!
  • An 8-page starwatching pullout – your complete observing guide to the night sky offering advice on what’s visible that month, along with expert tips and starcharts designed to be viewed under red light in the dark
  • Editor Emeritus Sir Patrick Moore selects a Masterclass in cutting edge areas of astronomy to bring you up to speed
  • Stunning pictures – from amazing Hubble Space Telescope images to staggering vistas from the surface of Mars
  • The latest astronomy news, buyer’s guide, features, product reviews

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Astronomy Magazine

Astronomy Magazine
The world’s most popular astronomy magazine explores the planets, stars, and galaxies with stunning photography and comprehensive editorial. Also includes scientific aspects of the hobby, features on equipment, and techniques for the amateur or more experienced stargazer.
Astronomy magazine is really a story of the people behind it. Dedicated by an obsession with the subject of astronomy, they are driven to assemble the best, most-absorbing material relating to the world of astronomy with every page they have.
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Astronomy and Space Magazine

Astronomy Magazine
All the latest news and disoveries about the cosmos from around the world particularly U.K. and Ireland.
Astronomy & Space is the highly regarded monthly magazine, containing the latest news from space and the heavens, as well as articles of enduring interest and a list of the events coming to a sky near you. The magazine is sent out each month to subscription members.
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Focus Magazine

Focus MagazineBBC Focus is the world’s leading monthly magazine of science and discovery. We strive to provide articles that are fascinating and authoritative, yet widely accessible – from the mysteries of Ancient Egypt to quantum physics, from outstanding photos of the natural world to the latest consumer technology.

BBC Focus really will capture your imagination. Covering all the major scientific breakthroughs, we have a 20-strong editorial board of experts from all fields of science and the media – including luminaries such as Arthur C Clarke, Lord Robert Winston and Dr John Gribbin.

What you’ll find in every issue of Focus:

  • The latest from the worlds of science, technology and discovery
  • Fascinating features and special reports from international experts
  • Outstanding photography that really bring science to life
  • Interviews, opinion, reviews and more

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