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Observatory Build

This is my 1st observatory in my back garden. It took about 3 months to complete. I decided to amend a standard Pent Shed design, but have it shiplapped sides,top and bottom and also have it 1 foot higher than a standard shed.

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Astronomy Trips

Mullard Radio Observatory

Mullard Radio Observatory site near Cambridge. This site is not open to the general public, but I managed a look around with the Cambridge Astronomy Association

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Herstmonceaux 2009

This was my 1st visit to Hermonceaux Science Festival in 2009

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Cambridge Institute of Astronomy

These are all taken at the Cambridge Institute of Astronomy where the Cambridge Astronomy Association meets monthly.

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National Space Museum

These are pictures I took at the National Space Centre in Leicester. The planetarium there is very good as well. Worth a visit.

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Astronomy Equipment

Bresser Messier N130

This was my first telescope. The Bresser Messier 130N Newtonian. A brilliant first scope and a stable MON1 mount. I also added an RA motor drive, and I used it nearly every clear night for about 3-4 months before upgrading.

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Meade LX200

My 10" Meade LX200 GPS model that I previously owned for a number of years.

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Skywatcher 120 DS Pro

This was a great scope, cost around £1,000. Another telescope I did not have for that long, as I decided to upgrade to triplets, as this was a doublet.

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Skywatcher Equinox 66mm

Skywatcher Equinox 66mm. A very well made telescope, another telescope I did not use much, but one I thought I would have used a lot for widefield imaging. I just did not like having an SCT end to the focuser.

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Skywatcher MN190

My Skywatcher MN190 Explorer 190MN DS-PRO Telescope. Owned for about 12 months.

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