Used Swarovski Nl Pure 10×42 Binoculars by Swarovski

USED Swarovski NL Pure 10x42 BinocularsUsed Swarovski Nl Pure 10×42 Binoculars
Swarovski’s NL Pure Binoculars are designed to provide the best possible image for long-distance viewing. Swarovski has developed these binoculars so that they can offer one of the widest fields of view on the market. With the use of field flattener lenses, you’ll experience edge-to-edge sharpness, incredible image definition and true-to-life images. Furthermore, specialised lens coatings have been added to ensure the maximum colour fidelity possible with accurate colour rendering with high light transmission. A new focusing mechanism has been incorporated into the build which not only makes for much smoother focusing but also has been redesigned to make for a more compact and ergonomic pair of binoculars, perfect for all-day-use. The NL Pure range truly highlights Swarovski’s mastery of professional optics.

Price: £2499.00

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