Tal-100rs (eq5) Synscan Go-to Refractor Telescope by Tal

Tal-100RS (EQ5) SynScan GO-TO Refractor TelescopeTal-100rs (eq5) Synscan Go-to Refractor Telescope
The Tal 100RS is a much improved version of the popular TAL-100R, featuring a dual-fit 1.25"/2" extended travel focusser and superior internal baffling for enhanced image quality. The telescope features a multi-coated air-spaced achromatic doublet objective lens that has excellent correction for spherical and chromatic aberrations. The robust aluminium tube contains carefully ray-traced baffles to eliminate stray light, providing crisp, high contrast images. The Tal 100RS excels for observations of the Moon, planets and double-stars.

Price: £748.00

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