Meade Super Plossl 40mm (1.25in) by Broadhurst

Meade Super Plossl 40mm (1.25in)Meade Super Plossl 40mm (1.25in)
Super Plössls: Designed to utilise the very latest in optical glass types, Meade 4-element Super Plössls are excellent general-purpose eyepieces. For observing hairline lunar and planetary detail, splitting close double stars, or for resolving faint nebulosity in deep-space, Meade Super Plössls optimise the performance of any telescope type, whether f/10 Schmidt-Cassegrain, f/16 refractor, or f/4 reflector. They also operate well in conjunction with the air-spaced design of the Meade #140 2x Apochromatic Barlow. All focal lengths through 32mm are parfocal. The Super Plössl 56mm eyepiece with 2" O.D. barrel yields 36X and an actual field of view of 1.4° on an 8" f/10 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope.

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