Meade F/6.3 Focal Reducer/field Flattener by Meade

Meade f/6.3 Focal Reducer/Field FlattenerMeade F/6.3 Focal Reducer/field Flattener
An important advancement in high-resolution focal reduction systems, the Meade 4-element, multi-coated f/6.3 Focal Reducer threads on to the rear cell of any Meade LX-series mirror-lens telescope or to other Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope brands (followed by the Off-Axis Guider, or T-Adapter) and reduces the telescope’s focal ratio by a factor of 0.63: f/10 telescopes are converted to f/6.3; f/6.3 telescopes are converted to f/4. Simultaneously, the 41mm-diameter lens system helps to flatten the field, significantly improving edge-of-field corrections. The f/6.3 Focal Reducer enables a reduction of photographic exposure times by about 50%, while producing an actual field diameter of 1.5" at the film plane.

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