Meade Equatorial Wedge For 8, Lx90 by Meade

Meade Equatorial Wedge for 8, LX90Meade Equatorial Wedge For 8, Lx90
Meade LX90 Equatorial Wedge c/w adaptor plate. An Equatorial Wedge with LX90 Adapter Plate. Consists of a standard Meade equatorial wedge, plus an Adapter Plate to accomodate Meade LX90 drive base. Allows mounting Meade LX 90 Telescope in a polar mode on the scope tripod for long exposure deep space astrophotography (which is otherwise not possible when the scope in its default altazimuth mode). The Meade 8 inch Equatorial Wedge comes with a deluxe latitude adjuster and azimuth fine adjuster for precise polar alignment, plus a compass for faster aligning on the pole. Made of die cast aluminium. Allows for long-exposure astrophotography without effects of field rotation in photos. Fits most Meade 8" Schmidt-Cassegrains. Attaches between telescope and adjustable field tripod.

Price: £164.99

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