Meade Dsi Ii – Deep Space Imager (colour) by Meade

Meade DSI II - Deep Space Imager (Colour)Meade Dsi Ii – Deep Space Imager (colour)
The user-friendly astrophotography revolution continues. Introducing the new DSI II. It combines ease-of-use with a larger chip, greater sensitivity, higher resolution, and dramatically lower thermal noise. Meade engineers have invented a remarkable new way to reduce noise without a cooler. This means you can take exposures for hours at a time. And the new thermal monitoring sensors automatically match your dark frames to ambient temperature so it’s nearly impossible to take an uncalibrated picture. The software includes a new zoom feature for easier focusing and the squared pixels of the new larger chip make processing simpler and images more beautiful than ever. The DSI II is the world’s first un-cooled camera with low thermal noise. And that’s as cool as it gets.

Price: £259.99

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