Meade 5000 Series 9mm Super Plossl by Meade

Meade 5000 Series 9mm Super PlosslMeade 5000 Series 9mm Super Plossl
The new Series 5000 Plössl eyepieces represent a milestone in design and engineering. The five and six element designs feature tack sharp optical performance which delivers a 40% improvement in corrections for chromatic aberration and edge-distortions over traditional plössl. They yield the widest possible fields-of-view, consistent with pinpoint edge-of-field sharpness and contrast. Compare their unparalleled 60° apparent field-of-view to any Plössl on the market today. Take a look through the new Meade Series 5000 Plössls and rediscover your favorite celestial objects.

Price: £49.99

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