Astro Engineering Par Focal Ultra Deluxe by Astro Eng

Astro Engineering Par focal ULTRA DeluxeAstro Engineering Par Focal Ultra Deluxe
Par focal ULTRA Deluxe – digital camera / camcorder mountThe Ultra Deluxe is the camera support for the power user! Capable of supporting heavyweight digital camcorders, the design of the Deluxe Ultra uses twin-parallel rings to fit around the eyepiece barrel and avoid losing any back-focus. Fits all spotting scopes binoculars and all astro scopes (with additional rings). The Ultra Deluxe does not use your camera's filter ring, instead the tripod socket carries the camera's weight. Comes ready with a pair of rings to fit 25 to 35mm diameter focus or eyepiece barrels. Additional ring sets are available: 45mm ring set (to fit barrels 30 to 45mm in diameter) and 55mm ring set (to fit barrels from 45 to 55mm in diameter).

Price: £19.00

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