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New Young Astronomer Born

New Young Astronomer 2008 - Baby BoyNot posted for a while as last Friday my first son was born at 9.30pm on Friday 4th April weighing in at 7lbs.

Mother and baby boy came home from the hospital on Tuesday. Although he sleeps most of the time, I’m sure his eyes are getting ready for viewing the nights sky.

Titan Oceans and Mars Salt Deposits

Saturn’s moon Titan may have a deep, hidden ocean according to an article in the journal Science.

Radar images from the Cassini-Huygens mission reinforce predictions that a reservoir of liquid water exists beneath the thick crust of ice.

If confirmed then it could mean that Titan would have two of the key components for life, which are water and organic molecules.

Mars appears to be covered in salt crystals from ancient dried up lakes. A NASA probe has found signs that the southern hemisphere is dusted with chloride mineral, which could be like the common table salt.

The Mars deposits are a good place to search for traces of past life which may be preserved in the salt.

My Lunar Eclipse Image on ITV Anglia News

It was good to hear back from ITV Anglia News that they wanted to use my lunar eclipse image in the evening news section.  It was actually used at the beginning of the weather report. I recorded the whole news program and have now trimmed the video and uploaded it to YouTube, you can watch the video clip below:

Lunar Eclipse Photo on Sky News

Lunar Eclipse Image on Sky NewsSky News also chose to show the image of the lunar eclipse I took on its website, which can be viewed in full size by clicking on the image on the left.

I think I may submit more astronomy images in the future, certainly if it’s this easy to get them published along with everyone else’s.

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