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Buy Astronaut Food Here

Astronaut Space FoodLooking for an unusal gift for someone? How about Astronaut Food? You can get Strawberries and Neopolitan Ice Cream.

Now you can eat the same food Nasa Astronauts eat on space missions. The foil sachets contain freeze dried strawberries or ice cream which last almost indefinitely, making them suitable for long space flights.

As they are eaten, saliva in the mouth re-hydrates the ultra-light chunks, returning them to their original state. Just Pop a Strawberry one in your mouth and it swells up magically to a full size fully flavoured succulent fruit. Brilliant for parties, perhaps Star Parties!

Each Astronaut Food packet is £2.99, you can buy the Strawberries Astronaut Food here and buy the Neopolitan Ice Cream Astronaut Food here.

Children’s Astronaut Costumes

 Does your child dream of beng an astronaut with NASA? Well I found these Astronaut costumes for kids on the web in Orange and in White.

“Take one giant leap for mankind in our astronaut flight suit costumes! These high-quality flight suits are replicas of those worn by the astronauts and NASA flight crews, and feature chest and waist harness buckles, padded neck collar ring, and matching custom embroidered NASA vector cap”.

What great fun for kids for dress-ups, fancy dress parties – your very own spaceman costume.

They look really good and they fit ages 4-8 years old. They cost £35 from The Science Museum store.

There are sizes for 4-6 year olds, and then 6-8 year old sizes.

Buy a Kids Astronaut Costume here.

Meade MySky

Meade MySkyIt was amazing to see the Meade Sky gadget on Channel Five last night on The Gadget Show, when it was up against the Sky Challenger Picoo Z helicopters and won.

The MySky is definitely an amazing gadget, and particularly useful if you want to add GPS functionality to your Meade Non-GPS telescope.

The only thing that worries me is that from the image above, people may think that what you are looking at on the screen is actually a live shot of what is in the sky, when it is really just images stored on the MySky.

I have written more about the Meade MySky here.

The Meade My Sky is available for £196 online here.

National Geographic Star Planetarium

National Geographic PlanetariumOn my travels around the internet I found the National Geographic Star Planetarium. This planetarium can transform a room into a space theatre. A Cyber Sky CD-ROM comes with it and is packed with facts and ancient legends to learn about as you watch projected stars move across the ceiling.

I think this kind of childrens planetarium has been around for many years now and has been updated in it’s look and now comes with a CD where it used to come with a cassette tape (remember those?).

“Transform your room into a 360-degree planetarium filled with stars and constellations. Includes a CD audio tour of the night sky and a hand-held meteor maker to add streaking meteors on command. Use the constellation dome outdoors as a 3D glow-in-the-dark star map. With lights, sounds and fascinating facts, it’s just like being in a real planetarium at home!
Age 8+”.

A great gift for the junior astronomer and not too expensive either, I found a similar Star Theatre which looks an improved version at The Science Museum for £29.99, or the version pictured above from The Toy Shop at £19.95

View the National Geographic Star Planetarium here.

Solar System Mobile Kit

Solar System MobileI saw this Solar System mobile kit on the web. It’s a mobile of the solar system that comes in kit form and has to be put together.

The solar system mobile kit comes with everything you need including paints, brushes and a full colour poster.

What a great idea for a kids present though, something for them to do and educational at the same time and something for them to hang in the bedroom afterwards. A good introduction to the solar system for budding junior astronomers.

“Create the entire solar system in your own home. This fascinating kit has everything for making a beautiful, glow-in-the-dark mobile featuring all our known planets. 75cm high, 75cm wide when complete. Includes a bonus wall chart full of fascinating facts. Ideal for supporting Key Stage 3 of the National Curriculum. Age 7+”.

The Solar System mobile is available here from The Science Museum for £16.99

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