Meade #1401 Tube Balance Weight System For 8 Inch Scts by Meade

Meade #1401 Tube Balance Weight System for 8 inch SCTsMeade #1401 Tube Balance Weight System For 8 Inch Scts
Designed for fork mount Meade 8 inch Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes. A low profile bar attaches to the underside of the front and rear cells of the telescope and can be left in place permanently. Three sliding weights (1, 2, and 3 pounds) slide onto the bar – singly or in combination – to precisely balance photo accessories or heavy visual accessories. The weights are locked in place on the bar with thumbscrews. Safety thumbscrews at the ends of the bar prevent the weights from slipping off, but allow weights to be easily removed for storage or travel, with no tools required.

Price: £109.99

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